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Let's Change the Form of Accessing Dentists!

We came to uncomplicated the access to dental services, allowing everyone to find and connect to a specialized dentist at any time and place. See what we are offering you.

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*24h Urgent Care

Urgent dental service 24/7. Exclusive partnership with NuWay Dental.

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A universe of benefits and a procedure chart at the touch of your fingertips.

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Access to a network of dentists, specialized in a diverse range of treatments.

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NuWay is the evolution of dental services.

Currently there is an estimate of 42 percent of Americans who do not see the dentist as much as they like, but NyWay Dental came to change this reality.

We are simple, inclusive, accessible and came to revolutionize the market of dental services!


Quit wasting time trying to make an appointment with your dentist to start a treatment with the lack of conventional dental systems. With NuWay Dental you are able to connect easily with a dentist, at any time and place.

Through the app you can find a dentist in the closest proximity to you, answer any doubts you have, and receive dental orientations to realize the treatment necessary. All of this in just a couple of clicks!


Now, there is no need to spend much to have access to good quality dental services.

With NuWay Dental you have gratuitous access to a national network of specialized professionals where you may communicate with a dentist at any time to answer any doubts you may have through an online chat box. At only 10 dollars per month you have access to the multiple benefits, procedure tables and exclusive features made especially for you! With a diverse amount of treatments, with an accessible price.


What?s up? Did you like it? Is it a match? Meet our subscription options and download our app.

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App Resources

Experience the application for NuWay Dental and discover the numerous possibilities.

24h Access

Speak with a dentist 24hrs through our treatment chat.


A differentiated table of service, evaluations and consults.


Make an appointment for a consultation through our network of dentists.

Dental Network

Access a list of dentists with a wide range of specialities, that are the closest to you


Get your payment planned approved through the app

Health Tips

We are available everyday to help you take care of your dental health with tips and reminders.

So Many Benefits at The Touch of Your Finger Tips

NuWay offers the opportunity for users to access the best possible dentists, with the closest location, and exclusive table of treatments and procedures, in addition to the possibility of being able to clarify several doubts through the app.

Muitos benefícios na ponta do seu dedo

24/7 Urgent Care Dental Services

NuWay offers its users the benefit of having dental assistance 24 hours, 7 days a week, in the fastest and easiest way, done through the app without any additional cost to the user with the individual or family plan.

Serviço emergencial odontológico 24h


You will receive the fee up to 72hrs after the payment has been made by the user of NuWay, using your paypal account, discounting the anticipation cost of the receivable and the management fee by NuWay of 5%.
Through the app of the user, when the location service is enabled, the dentist is allowed to accompany the user during the route to the dental office.
Yes, it is possible to review the professional and the procedure, as well as if the user was friendly, punctual and etc.
No, but other dentists are allowed to offer discounts and have the preference or choice of the user.
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